Cotton Candy distillate – Posted by Odd-Assumption

I won a couple carts in a contest flavor mango and apple along with cotton candy flavors. Each comes in a labelled zipbag 92% THC with end caps. Order came quickly near me. Yellow orange tint in the cart and mild bitter distillate taste that fades. Shook the cart up as much as possible the orange oil terp before using. The more it was used there was a faint sweet candy taste on the exhale that did not overdo the terp flavoring like some carts, and sipped for about an hour amounted to a heady buzz with moderate potentcy.

Almost no smell to the product, recommend for stealthy long daytime session users. Normally I do not prefer distillate carts but these were not bad, prefer the taste and a good value on the site offering alot of current codes off to save on the price tag currently of $32.50 before discounts to share to support a new mom will be a big sale Jan 1st and check the discord for the codes. Shipping free on $150 and I love their packaging.

I also tried the master kush diamonds and they were super potent but some taste. A little lasted me all dab-mass and were also pretty stealthy in terms of odor and quick session caution for high tolerance users only, quick relief.

Thanks Next Nug!

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