Garlic Breath – Posted by Rosebud

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• Bag appeal – small and medium sized nugs with a great trim and cure are very dense and both sticky and greasy to the touch. Dark olive and forest green buds with highlights of soft purples throughout and plenty of thick copper and orange colored pistils that are nicely covered by a layer of snowy white trichomes with many outer heads still visibly intact. This is another one that I wasn’t able to get the pics I wanted before smoking it all 🤷‍♂️

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• Smell/Taste/Burn – the nose on this is amazing and super dank with loud and funky bad breath and garlic terps that become even more pungent and are joined by equally funky onion terps when busted. A good transition from nose to smoke with very dank earthy garlic and gas with an exhale that is mixed with some Breath terps and dank earthiness. Joints burn perfectly and instantly grease up with a nice oil ring and produce a salt and pepper colored ash

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• High – balanced and potent from the beginning with a powerful head high that’s cloudy with pressure in the head and some euphoria paired with a warming sense of relaxation that washes over the entire body from head to toe. Before long the body load becomes very heavy and locks you in place as the head head high starts turning sedating and has my eyes burning and bloodshot and is definitely best suited as an evening smoke

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• Overall this was some nice Garlic Breath with nice bag appeal, dank terps that translate well to the taste, salt n pepper ash with a greasy burn, and quite the strong high. I rate this

Quality 8.75/10

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