Garlic Breath – Posted By Vanquish

Garlic Breath

Smell – very strong herby garlic smell, reminds me of a spice cupboard, upon busting it strong garlic with a hint of gas smell.

Taste – I’d say this was a earthy herbal taste, with a slight garlic undertone.

Burn – used a bong, burned evenly, and didn’t get stuck. Can’t comment on ash due to pull through and not using a screen

High – felt immediately in my eyes and forehead, calmed and relaxed pretty fast. Pretty spacey high, and for closer to bed as I did get fairly tired from this. Good pain relief, had back pain which slowly swept away and felt comfortable

Final thoughts – I have never had a strain smell like this before and it was quite a pleasant surprise. It was tasty, and not that of the smell which was also surprising. If you’re into unique smelling strains, that taste good and helps with sleep, anxiety and muscle pain then this is the perfect strain to have in your arsenal, and highly recommended for after dinner sort times, as did not really bring any hunger affects (as I waited for dinner even).

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