Garlic Breath – Posted by Stonerscotian

These gorgeous buds have a milky light green appearance from being so caked in trichomes. There is some purple hueing happening.The buds are pretty dense with almost to spogyness to them. Cured impeccably well and trimmed to decently. The buds near busted themselves when scissor busted, had a desirable fluffyness. This stunning flower has a pungnent aroma of a dank funky skunk herbal scent with notes of a garlic.

While smoked I tasted a pleasant herbal spicy kushy garlicyness. Had a satisfying smooth creamy smoke. When burned in a joint there was a nice grease ringer with a light gray ash. Burned slow, even and continuous the whole way through.

I found this to be a high potency indica leaning hybrid. I had a feeling of creativity and was put into a blissful state. It did not take long for me to become relaxed and my head and eyes felt heavy. I was pretty sedated feeling and lazy making me not want to do much of anything, but laze around home.

Quality – 9 Value – 8.5

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