Giesel Cookies – Posted By Vanquish

Geisel Cookies

Smell – diesel, with a slightly sweet earthy undertone

Taste – heavy diesel/gas on the inhale, with a sweet exhale that lingers in your palette

Burn – used a bong, burned evenly, and didn’t get stuck. Can’t comment on ash due to pull through and not using a screen

High – immediately my face felt flush and full, and felt tingly in the forehead. Really heady/spacey high, easily zoned out watching shows and playing games.

Final thoughts – I didn’t feel tired from this strain; which is either good or bad depending on how you look at it, I personally like indicas for bed to get me to sleep, which is what I was expecting with this. This was a mellow high, that I could get things done without being locked on the couch, yet relaxed enough to not be anxious, but no sleep benefits that I could see. I will need to smoke something else like the papaya later on to put me out.

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