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Giesel Cookies

Having a lovely unique aroma of diesel cookie with a slight earthyness mixed in. Having a white milky forest green apperance. Buds were of a medium size, with a pretty solid firm density. Trimmed and cured overall fairly good.

Upon smoking I was hit with a diesel sweet zangy cookie taste. Left a nice aftertaste that lingered for a bit. Burned perfect in a joint being continuous and slow while burning even the whole way through. There was a bit of a grease ringer and the ash was salt and pepper.

I found this to be a medium to high potency slightly indica. The high immediately brought on a nice europhia along with a nice heady high. I felt calmed and quite relaxed. This helped a lot with my muscle soreness. I found my appetite was boasted as well.

Quality – 8.75 Value – 8.75

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