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Girl Scout Cookies


This beautiful flower is called Platium Girl Scout Cookies. The buds are super plastered in trichomes and have a real tight density to them with a slight spongeyness. The buds were of medium size Trimmed close to perfection and cured near perfect. The aroma was of classic GSC, pungent sweet foral candy like scent with earthy notes.

Upon smoking in a joint it tasted like a sweet foral with a slight earthyness.The smoke was very smooth and fulfilling. Burned very well, being slow even and continuous the whole through the joint. Had a bit of grease ringer going on and the ash was fairly white.

I found this to be a medium to high potency balanced hybrid. After smoking I felt a heady high, along with europhia. I was left bliss and a somewhat lazy feeling. Definitely had me slowed me down a bit, but still left me focused enough to be productive and to perform my tasks at hand.

Quality – 8.7 Value – 8.5

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