Gorilla Biscuits- Posted By Vanquish

Gorilla Biscuits

Smell – opening bag, you are given a very sweet flowery earthy smell, that is then over powered by a heavy glue aroma.

Taste – very smooth, creamy sweet earthy inhale. More of the glue taste on the exhale, and after taste.

Burn – used a bong, burned evenly, and didn’t get stuck. Can’t comment on ash due to pull through and not using a screen

High – felt calm on exhale immediately. Felt happier after a few moments, not feeling couch locked, but able to think clearly and focus. After about 20 mins or so, got super hungry and just chowed down on whatever junk food I could find

Final thoughts – super enjoyable high, Was able to focus and keep working, and cleared out my pantry. No anxiety pretty balanced hybrid

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