Pink Death – Posted By Vanquish

Pink Death AAAA

Smell – sweet gassy/diesel with slight earthy undertones. Really reminds me of a kushy smell.

Taste – earthy with a sweet diesel undertone, definitely a pink kush cross

Burn – used a bong, burned evenly, and didn’t get stuck. Can’t comment on ash due to pull through and not using a screen

High – immediately felt relaxed, and happy. A constant smile across my face since having my toke. It starts as a mellow high, that slowly creeps up on you to heavy on set that you don’t want to do anything and just lay around watching tv. After awhile felt heavy in the eyes, and face warm and flush.

Final thoughts – for a $125 an Oz quad, or $60 an Oz if you get the smalls, this is an amazing strain and deal for a smoke you can use day or night and still get some stuff done yet relaxed at the same time doing it.

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