Platinum Papaya – Posted By Vanquish

Platinum papaya AAAA

Smell – very fruity, only way I can describe it is of the cereal “fruity pebbles” which was my childhood favourite lol.

Taste – creamy with a slight exhale of nutty, slight berry/citrus taste.

Burn – smoked a bong bowl for this one, so can not comment on ash. But burned through easily.

High – I got so hungry it was not even funny. I went through a half bag of munchie mix (the big family size) and a pack of skittles. This was immediately felt in my eyes, very heavy and and instantly felt relaxed and calmed. Just laid in bed watching tv munching, which eventually led me to passing out for a very solid sleep.

Final Thoughts:
If you have trouble eating, this is the strain for you. I don’t remember the last time I got so hungry off cannabis lol. The taste and smell alone would have me recommending this. The buds are perfectly dried, but covered in trichomes to make it sticky. I can see why this is rated a quad, highly recommend.

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