Lemon Lime Skunk


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Lemon Lime Skunk

The Lemon Lime Skunk strain is one of our more potent strains. Lemon Lime Skunk nugs are medium in appearance with a mid-firm density and a fair amount of crystal that are hard to miss among little bright orange hairs. It is a sativa dominant strain bred by Heythere Genetics. This craft cannabis strain is a cross between the Northern lights and the super skunk. It test around the 17-19% THC level and packs a strong aroma of citrus and piney skunk.

This sativa has a strong smoke flavor of a lemon mixed with Sprite soda pops with a spicy undertone. On the exhale you can really notice the lemon and pine when it comes to this strain.

When talking about the aroma L.L. Skunk brings you back a few decades. To the time when you would open that bag and your house smelt like you just bought your Christmas tree. Add a ton of lemon to it  and you got the smell of this pungent strain. it is one for the books and an instant classic. Lemon  Lime skunk is a heavy body effect strain with a more of a energized feeling that comes from it. Sativa traits bring out a lot of happiness with a ton of focus when it comes to its effects.

We suggest using this strain during the day when you got stuff you need to get done. The lemon lime skunk really gives you the clear minded feeling while your in a blissful happy sedation but your body buzzing with peaceful energy. The lemon Lime skunk is known to help with treating Insomnia, Chronic pain, stress  and depression.


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