Humble Pie (Smalls)


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Humble pie (smalls)

Nextnug introduces humble pie, a hybrid strain that is 65% indica 35% Sativa. This Hybrid is a very rare sight on the market. Next nug only gets it once every two months, so get your hands on it while we have it in stock.

Humble Pie got a fantastic sour citrus taste with a super fruit Berry blast. After your first toke you won’t wait to roll up some more. This cannabis strain got a lot of spice to its smell. Cherries and grapes and many other fruit notes come out when you crack into the trichrome covered dense nuggets. Its uplifting effects will have your emotions and moods flying so high that you’ll never want it to end it. At the same time the high isn’t overwhelming and keeps you super relaxed for hours and hours. You will feel the magic in all the right places.

Humble pie is often used for those with conditions such as chronic stress, chronic fatigue, muscle spasm, depression, and irritable cramps. These are perfect for a consumer on a budget!.


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