Master OG Breath


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Master OG Breath 

Brand new to Nextnug market is the Master OG Breath. This strain is a cross of Master Kush with Mendo Breath, making it a hybrid Sativa dominant. The master OG overpowers the Mendo (probably cause the Mendo has OG Kush in its heritage) by a great mrgin in this product, but you wait… This masterpiece has a THC level of 28% and is a heavy hitter when it comes to a buzz! Once you crack into these more minor to medium-sized nuggets that is  when you can get the effects of the Mendo. When it comes to your first toke, you get a strong taste of Kush, but on the exhale is when you get that spicy but earthy-sweet vanilla taste, attributed to Mendo continually pouring out of your mouth with joy and excitement. This is one you don’t want to put out until it’s done.

The effects of Master OG Breath are definitely on the Sativa side of things. You get lots of energy and focus with a touch of creativity but finish off with a couchlock feeling. The Master OG breath is known to help with appetite, sore and achy muscles, ADHD and is great for insomnia.


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