Platinum White Lightning


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Platinum White Lightning

New at Nextnug is a cross between Platinum strain and white lightning (white widow x northern lights 5). A potent hybrid strain (50% indica 50% Sativa ) packing 21% THC. It is known to help with chronic pain and induce a calm relaxation throughout the mind and body. The platinum White lightning has a beautiful appearance. Nugs of this strain are caked in tons of crystal with minimal tiny orange pistils and very dense medium-large size buds. The strain stimulates your nostrils with an incredible fruity aroma with a side hint of floral and skunky hidden undertones until you crack into it.

This cannabis strain is also known to help in the medical department. This strain helps with Multiple sclerosis, insomnia, eating disorders (anorexia), and Parkinson’s disease. One thing we are delighted to announce is how well this strain helps with the side effects of Chemotherapy for our solid and brave patients fighting Cancer.


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