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Purple Punch Gas Cow is bred by next nug’s dedicated breeders. This Indica dominant hybrid is a cross of nuken x purple derple x slurricane. It’s dank lineage means this cannabis strain packs a whole lot of flavor and aroma. When grown this strain exhibits amazing colors of deep purple, deep greens and little bits of orange. Flowers have the smell of a gassy fruity explosion that pierces the nostrils as soon as you open the bag.

Buds are dense and sticky. Medium to large size nugs make up majority of the bag. This cannabis strain goes a long way when it comes to a good buzz, you can enjoy the punch while doing mid-day activities or even just around the house work. Indica buzz isn’t overwhelming and brings out a lot of energy and happiness while you do your chores. The taste of purple punch gas cow is very dense and lingers on your pallet throughout your whole smoking experience. Purple Punch helps with pain anxiety chronic insomnia and depression. Get some purple punch gas cow now only exclusively from next nug!

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