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Next Nug brings to you one of our classified strains the garlic breath it is an indica dominant hybrid strain(80% indica,20% sativa),crossed with two indica dominant strains, The mendo breath and the GMO.The garlic breath sits around the 19% THC rating. The flavor is of a strong chopped garlic with lots of peppery undertones. It brings to you relaxing effects that become tiring as you indulge in more and more of this amazing meal. Research shows that garlic breath helps relieve the symptoms of stress chronic depression and insomnia.

1 review for Garlic Breath

  1. MCDaddy

    Nose: The nose smelt just like the name. It was a spicy garlic with the funky breath. It was very pungent!
    Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was great, and it was a bit sticky.
    Taste: It had lots of flavour! I got lots of the gas and sweet pine along with some woody skunkyness. It was very nice.
    Burn: The burn was great! The ash was a little bit salt and peppery but, it gave lots of smoke and it burnt slow.
    Potency/Effects: I got a bit of a hit in my nose from it and the potency and effects built up fast to a great potency level for me and the effects lasted for a long time. I was weighed down in my body but still able to think and function in my head. I felt relaxed and calm with heavy eyes and a buzzy head. great for evening or nighttime.
    Overall score – 9.3/10

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