Above The Clouds Cannacaps 1:1 40 mg


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Above The Clouds Cannacaps 1:1 40 mg

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as natural medicine. It’s also known for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress, increase appetite, and help with pain relief. If you have any of these symptoms or conditions, cannabis may help. You can get all the benefits without having to smoke it! We’ve created a simple way for you to take your medication in a controlled manner that is easy on your stomach too.
Our capsules are hemp oil extract containing CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). They work together synergistically so that their medicinal effects are experienced more powerfully than when taken separately. The exact measurement of active ingredients helps ensure a very accurate and consistent experience every time – no guesswork involved! Just one capsule per day will give you the relief you need from whatever symptoms or condition is troubling you most. And because our capsules contain only organic ingredients like coconut oil, MCT oil, gelatin, glycerin, and water, we know they won’t cause stomach upset like other medications might do. Give them a try today!

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Above the Clouds


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