Variety Pack 4 strains 14 grams



Variety Pack 4 strains 14 grams

Variety Pack 4 strains 14 grams is the perfect product for you. You get to pick 4 strains at 3.5 grams each equaling up to 14 grams or a half ounce of some of the best marijuana in British Columbia. This variety pack has everything from indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis flowers that are sure to leave your mouth watering with anticipation. It’s also great because it comes pre-weighed so there’s no hassle when it comes time to buy! With this variety pack, you can try out different types of weed without having to spend too much money on an entire eighth or quarter ounce which would be wasteful if you didn’t like what you got! You don’t have anything holding back from trying all these amazing products today so click here now and order yours today!

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