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Wicked Wizard Extractz Master OG Kush THC Diamonds


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Master OG Kush Diamonds

Lets just start if you love Kush your gonna love these beauties, Wicked Wizard out did themselves again making this product, When we first dived into trying these out we weren’t quite sure how to describe it, It was like an EXPLOSION of goodness happened all at once. The taste is purely Kush rich and you just enjoy each second of it, The scent is very strong and full of that gassy/oily smell and the feeling you get off it lets just say find something to do and invite your friends over cause your gonna be having lots of laughs and accomplishing everything you wanted to get done alll at the same time!.

  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Relief
  • Appetite Booster
  • Increases Concentration
  • Decreases Insomnia




Wicked Wizard Extractz

Wicked Wizard Extractz offers a variety of products created in a clean and organized lab. You can count on getting the best when choosing Wicked Wizard Extractz

2 reviews for Wicked Wizard Extractz Master OG Kush THC Diamonds

  1. bootifulkermode

    Some terp taste to the sauce, very potent


    Ya this shit shit will hit ya hard. Great taste also!

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