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Wicked Wizard Extractz Pink Diesel THC Diamonds


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Pink Diesel

NextNug is happy to introduce Wicked wizards newest creation, Pink Diesel diamonds. This product is just overly pleasant in all its categories, the aroma that comes off these jewels is mind blowing it has that fruity and a slight undertone of rich gas. When we first tried the Pink Diesel right away we thought ” That taste like a winner” , The taste is almost like you just hit your first toke of the best honey oil in your life but also for the first time, it made us feel like we had never smoked diamonds before!. The feeling that comes off it is definitely a high energetic, full of laughter, tons of thoughts but at the same time makes you numb. Try some now you wont regret this one!.


  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Relief
  • Appetite Booster
  • Increases Concentration
  • Decreases Insomnia




Wicked Wizard Extractz

Wicked Wizard Extractz offers a variety of products created in a clean and organized lab. You can count on getting the best when choosing Wicked Wizard Extractz


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